Quarry Ridge Animal Hospital

30 Old Quarry Road
Ridgefield, CT 06877



Meet Our Hospital Staff

The Doctors

A team of qualified, caring doctors that offer an array of services including, internal medicine consults, acupuncture, ultrasounds, endoscopy, house calls and full surgical, dental and medical care.  All of our doctors are committed to high quality and ethical veterinary practice.  We strive to offer the best service and be sensitive to the financial and emotional needs of the individual.  We share our knowledge and are passionate about what we do!   




The Receptionists

From the first phone call, to check-out, helping you out the door with your companion, our friendly animal care receptionists work hard to meet your needs.  They know you and your pets are important.  They are courteous and trained to answer your questions.  Call and see!! 


The Technicians

A dedicated team of certified technicians and veterinary assistants are your companions best friends.  Choosing a career as an animal nurse takes dedication and hard work.  Our team, is composed of truly amazing, gentle, caring individuals that put your animals' welfare first. Behind the scenes should be behind glass because they are amazing to watch.

The Kennel Technicians

A home away from home is the best description of our kennel environment. Our kennel staff treat your pets as if they are their own. In conjunction with our technicians, they assist in our "special" care boarding for the debilitated pet. They are on the alert for any changes in your companion's behavior or medical condition. In addition to keeping the kennel immaculate, they care! Your pets know it too!  Ask them! 

The Management

In a relaxed but organized fashion they keep the hospital running.  Our office managers keep us on our toes, and work hard to make us the best hospital we can be.