Quarry Ridge Animal Hospital

30 Old Quarry Road
Ridgefield, CT 06877



What Makes Us Special...

The team approach to every aspect of your companion's care!

Our amazing team of 6 doctors collaborate, consult, review, discuss and share our diverse and extensive experiences to provide  valuable insight on cases day and night!

When not in appointments we work side by side in our treatment room and surgical suite. We utilize our extensive in-hospital library and consult with specialists across the state and country.

Our daily rounds enable us to visit each hospital patient and review their status providing consistent and updated care.

Our secret...

Our Doctors are on call up until 11:00pm!

Through our answering service, we return calls and answer emergency questions. We will make suggestions as to how to best treat your pets emergency. We may direct you to one of the emergency clinics in our areas. See "For Emergencies" Under "Our Services" header. 

The peace of mind that we provide is above & beyond the call of duty!

The Ultimate in Pet Identification!

After an annual visit each pet receives a Free Pet ID card with a picture, vaccine history & contact information.


We Microchip!

Great technology that can reconnect you and your lost pet.

Technology Access

Instant consults with specialists and referral centers electronically. EKG's, X-Rays, Ultrasounds and Blood Work are sent to top specialists and specialty centers around the country.

 STAT reports on critical cases.

Board Certified Veterinary Surgeons,  Cardiologists and Internists come to Quarry Ridge Animal Hospital to treat your companions.

We all work hard!


No matter how they stack 'em we work, day and night, with care and diligence to attend to all our patients